How Flash Games Survived Since the Dawn of the New Millennium


Flash games have been around since the early 2000s. They are fun to play and to addicting to stop. There are many sites that off them as well. Adobe has really made a fortune with flash. 

Flash has been around since 1996, but the games part didn’t really pick up until the early 2000s. At the dawn of the new millennium, flash games took center stage with websites like and taking the reins first. They started with a few games, and constantly added to their list of games as the months dragged on creating an empire of web browser gaming. 

The games are so fun to play. You could lose yourself in the games if you go to far into the rabbit hole. There are a virtually endless supply of games that flash created. With many categories to choose the games from, the possible games you can play never seem to end. Then, when you’re done playing for the night, you catch yourself wanting to play another round, or try another game. You get sucked into the fun of gaming and are now trapped, it’s 3 a.m. and you have to work at 7. So that’s the kind of addiction that you can expect when playing flash games.

There are so many sites out there. I’ve already mentioned two, but a couple sites to join them includes,,, and so many more. There is a seemingly endless supply of web browser gaming sites out there that coincide with how many games there are out there. They all offer you numerous games to play and take part of. 

Adobe had bought out Macromedia in 2005 for a whopping sum of $3.4 Billion dollars and had to have known that they we’re striking gold when buying them out. They are everywhere today and are making tons of money off of the games that use their software. Not the people who play the games, that’s the game designers and site platforms that make money off of the people playing the games by using ads. Web browser gaming seemingly became a billion-dollar business and to this day Adobe is still raking in profits.

So with a vast number of games out there, what games will you choose to play? What site will you use? Will you choose the originals or the many other sites that are new and fresh? Don’t forget, you’re playing games that are part of a billion-dollar industry. Happy gaming!