Flash Games Are Awesomely Addicting!


Flash games are unique to the gaming industry, they are highly addictive to play, and they can be played whenever you want to play them. 

They are unique to the gaming industry as they are the only games out there for the web browsers. Flash has run rough shot on the competition of web browser gaming for years. They reach the entire extent of all internet gaming, minus the downloads for the PC. Adobe has basically controlled the web gaming industry. They also offer a download free gaming experience. So not only are the games free, but they also require no download to play. They also have genres that don’t mesh with console or PC gaming simply because they are to simplistic for PC or console gaming. 

These games are highly addicting, and when you find yourself playing them, you could wind up looking at the clock and all of a sudden you realize it’s 3 a.m. and you have work in the morning. Even then, you tell yourself that you can play one more game and go to sleep, but if you’re being truthful with yourself, you know it’s not just one more game. 

The beauty of flash games is that they can be played whenever. They are on every browser for computer minus Mac OS, and don’t require a download so that you can play whenever you want. Gaming on the web has never been so easy to access than it has with flash. Many other games on the internet require a 50 minutes or longer wait time to play the game, and yeah, they can be played after that whenever, baring the loading screen, but they don’t offer the easy access that the flash games do.

Games played on the flash player have been around for so long that it’ll be weird to see what happens when Adobe dissolves flash, but web browser based gaming will still be around for a while.