For anyone that has been into simple online games that present themselves as basic but worthwhile time killers, there is a new game that might pique their curiosity.

It’s called Fireboy And Watergirl, and it could possibly make those that grew up in the 2000s think of a forgotten about kids movie named “Sharkboy and Lavagirl”. Something I want to mention is that the game gives them a bit of an art style that’s reminiscent of a few artists’ simple but effective character designs. In a way, it’s almost reminiscent of a TV show called ‘Making Fiends’, due to the simple nature of the characters using one single color. Despite that, the banner of the website Fireboy And Watergirl game has the characters look more like they were drawn by an anime artist.

As for the game itself, Fireboy And Watergirl is much like a lot of other games where you have to take your character from point A to point B while avoiding specific obstacles. Fireboy has to avoid any water, Watergirl has to look out for any lava, and both of them have to avoid the acid. They also need to collect every diamond that is color-coordinated to each character. Additionally, there are a few obstacles for the two elemental characters to look out for, which include buttons for them to press, (which activate doors or platforms), rocks for them to push, and platforms that they have to walk fast on so they won’t fall into their traps. To control them, Fireboy has the player control him with the left, right, and up arrow keys to move and jump while Watergirl requires you to move her with the A, D, and W keys to move the same ways Fireboy does. Once you get to the end of the level, you’ll have to bring in both characters at the same time so they can enter their gender/color matching doors before they leave.

You will be judged for how well you play the game. Your diamond earns a color depending on you having both elemental friends from start to finish, the number of diamonds you collect, and how fast you finish the game. This isn’t always a good results screen. While you can reasonably not get a 3 out of 3 if you don’t complete the diamonds, there are a few aspects that make the results lack a bit of logic. Your game ends when one of the two friends dies, so you can’t really have an X for missing any character. Also, the time it takes for you to finish a level doesn’t really seem concrete. Because of the way the game is structured, having to take time moving both characters on the same screen does make getting to your goal faster somewhat annoying to deal with.

Overall, Fireboy And Watergirl does have a bit of a mix between having elemental characters with simple but effective names, an aesthetic that’s reminiscent of indie games, and music that’s weirdly Danny Elfman-esque that makes me recommend this game to those that like similar art styles that this has or are fan of Making Fiends or World of Goo. Also, there are multiple sequels for those interested in seeing the rest of the franchise.